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Positioning drones in dynamic environments without GPS

An onboard local positioning & tracking solution for better performance, efficiency & safety of drone missions at sea & other dynamic environments


Enabling greater efficiency & safety in offshore drone services &
laying the foundation for every sea going vessel to be equipped
with a multipurpose drone.
Precision Navigation & Tracking

A unified system for precise, simultaneous navigation, positioning & asset tracking services. AGL is a local coordinate system for human/robotic navigation, as well as high-value asset tracking & real-time location analytics, visualising a vast number of both fixed or mobile assets and their movement patterns in real-time.

Drone Landing at Sea

AGL provides the critical solution for multiple offshore & maritime use cases with position accuracy down to 10cm.

This includes providing the robust positioning infrastructure to enable safe and accurate drone landing on a sea vessel in motion,  geofencing for personnel safety and the foundation for full autonomous features.

GPS Redundancy

AGL delivers GPS like coordinates to any system. So drone flight controllers and other localisation services that rely on GPS, can seamlessly transition to and from the AGL system, for final approach and landing. These GPS like coordinates are useful even for testing and developing GPS dependant navigation whilst indoors or in other GPS denied environments.

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More about us

Who we are

Agilica is a spin-off project at the Royal Military Academy, Belgium. We bring together a talented and experienced team with backgrounds ranging from military communications, R&D, IoT innovations and entrepreneurship. Our proprietary technology, built upon innovations in ultra-wideband (UWB) positioning, was developed inhouse alongside the design of our own hardware, ensuring a highly robust and high quality solution.

Our why

We believe that as we enter a new era in industrial automation, the need to extend and expand the power of GPS into the indoor space has never been greater. So, to deliver the best and stay ahead of the curve, whether it is with autonomous drones, asset tracking or location analytics, we are committed to giving you the power to always find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Our how

We know that in order to transform customer experience and business processes, across industries with long term impact and sustainability, we need practical and effective navigation and location tracking solutions that can work in any environment. With that in focus, we are designing our system based on a core ideology of flexibility, scalability, and compatibility. This is how revolutions are sustained.

Our solution

A simple and powerful, unified system for precise navigation and tracking in indoor spaces using ultra-wideband wireless technology.

Our Team
Hafeez Headshot.png
Hafeez Chaudhary
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Hafeez has a vision to establish the practical benefits of technology, for both the economy and for society, by bringing to market cutting edge innovations in an accessible way. He has dual experience in both R&D and engineering fields, supported by an impressive academic foundation.

Bart Headshot V2.png
Bart Scheers
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Bart is a military professor in telecommunications at the Royal Military Academy, with a main interest in radio systems & IoT technology. His combined academic, engineering & field experience underpins our product development approach.

With his expertise in directing large funded research projects and his never-ending interest for technology, he is the promotor of the spin-off project at RMA.

Boden Headshot(1).png
Boden Dollie
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Boden is a business strategist and marketer specialised in smart technology and innovative products across UK, EU, Middle-East and Africa. He has a keen eye for unique strategies, new market entry and go to market strategies for new companies with hightech products and disruptive business models.


Dr David Meszaros 



MCGROUP is a global 

consortium of enterprises, think tanks, and entrepreneurs. They are an exclusive management consulting firm with expertise 

in navigating multinationals, 

as well as governments through the uncharted territory of emerging technologies.

JC Robert DelHaye

Drone Think Do

Founder / Chairman

Through the EIP-SCC Action

Cluster for Sustainable Urban

Air Mobility, they work to collaborate with companies on cities and regions to showcase innovative mobility solutions and support their 

replication at scale in key market segments. A MGGROUP member.

Baudouin van Male



VMIC provides investment 

management and asset 

allocation advice to financial 

institutions and organisation. 

Also specialising in Business

strategy, financial advisory & corporate governance as well as Business angelling and Coaching for Entrepreneurs.

Johan Van den Bossche

SO Kwadraat

Coach / Board Member

SO Kwadraat is a coaching organisation for star-ups with disruptive ideas and cutting-edge tech. It has coached more than 160 hightech start-up teams over the last 15 years. These companies now have a total market capitlization of more than 1.5 billion euros.

Our Partners
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upteko logo.png

Our successful initial research project & proof of concept was  funded by Innoviris - Brussels Capital Region. Followed by further funding of a spin-off project to commercialise our innovation & create a Brussels start up. More about Innoviris.

We are supported by the Royal Military Academy, Belgium. More about RMA.

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