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Positioning drones offshore & GPS denied environments

Navigation & tracking with AGL

Unified System

The AGL System™, comprises both hardware and software components. With the use of a patented unified positioning system, AGL supports both asset tracking and navigation applications simultaneously by the same network infrastructure. This delivers the first ever system where unlimited drones (or other robotics or humans) can navigate the same AGL covered space, whilst a vast number of assets or personnel can be tracked in real-time on the ground or in the air at the same time.
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Ultra-wideband (UWB)

Positioning accuracy down to 10-cm range can be achieved with our intelligent signal processing & UWB innovation.

This level of fine-grained accuracy is unmatchable with legacy solutions relying on RFID, WiFi, BLE or GPS technology.
The UWB signals are robust to noise and typical RF channel vagaries such as multi-path propagation and interference making the AGL solution well suited for harsh industrial environments.
Landing at sea / in motion

Using autopilot features at sea is close to impossible when relying only on GPS. By using a local coordinate system relative to the deck of the vessel, enabled by our positioning technology, it is possible to deliver a robust and highly accurate solution for the final approach to landing on a sea vessel as well as "follow me" feature where the drone holds a fixed position above deck. This unlocks the potential of fully autonomous multi-purpose drones on ships as well as empowering greater effeciency and safety for all maritime and offshore drone missions.
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Flexible & Scalable

The AGL system can support unlimited tags in navigation mode all offering the same performance in terms of accuracy and position update rate; for real-time location offering a scalable option. The system design is flexible and can be easily (re)configured to meet the needs of a specific-use case.

Easy Install & Configuration

We offer easy to use tools for planning, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of the system. Self-calibration is built into the system, doing away with expensive and time-consuming manual interventions. The system monitoring and maintenance are provisioned through remotely accessible online tools.

Contact us to register for a Developer Kit.

Industry Standard Hardware

The simplicity of a unified system means we do not need multiple different types of hardware. You have a choice of navigation and asset tracking tags and one type of anchor supporting both. Tags operate using long-life battery cells and the power supply to anchors is by POE. Enclosures are rated IP67.



  • Drone Inspection Services 

  • Ship multi-purpose drones 

  • Shipping Document Delivery​​

  • Media/Entertainment Drones at sea

  • Man overboard drone / Search and Rescue

  • Monitoring: Marine life, borders, fishing rights


  • Final mile drone delivery / delivery in motion 

  • Indoor drone landing / charging systems 

  • Real-time location visualisation & analytics 

  • Geotagging, geofencing and heatmaps of mobile assets

AGL Developer Kit

Register now for early access to our all in one ultra-wideband solution. The kit includes our self-calibrating Anchors (x 6), Navigation Tags (x 3) and Tracking Tags (x 3) and all you need to kick start your indoor positioning journey.

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